We stock over 7,200 parts of equipment and hand-pieces.

Equipment: Cavitrons

Manufacturer: South East Instruments

Part#/Model: S09 AW25C (25khz), S09 AW3C (30khz)


Equipment: Compressors (Oil Less)

Manufacturer: Tech West

Part#/Model: AC042D, CALL$


Equipment: Handpieces

Manufacturer: Slow-Speed, NSK Brand

Part#/Model: Prophy-Head AR-YS C187,  AR-YK C188



Equipment: Handpieces

Manufacturer: Slow-Speed, NSK Brand

Part#/Model: Contra Angles EC 1:1,  C100 | ERA4:1 C6340001



Equipment: Sterilizers

Manufacturer: Scican Statim

Model/Part#: Statim 2000 & 5000


Equipment: Sterilizers

Manufacturer: Tuttnauer

Model/Part#: EZ9 Plus, EZ11 Plus, EZ9

EZ10, EZ10K


Equipment: Suctions

Manufacturer: Tech West

Model/Part# VPL2ss*, VPL2SSR*,

VPL4D2*, VPL4D2R*, AP8D2R*



Equipment: Ultrasonic Cleaners

Manufacturer: L&R

Model/Part#: SWEEPZONE 200 AG902, QUANTREX, Q140 311